Steel House reopens in revitalized Northeast-side neighborhood

Indianapolis, IN

Have you seen HGTV lately? The decorative metal business is hot! Everyone wants chic iron scrollwork on front entries and ornamental window balconies.
But where to go for the stuff, especially if you need help with getting it cut or delivered? 

A new concept in construction and do-it-yourself retail and warehousing, Steel House opened its doors to homeowners and the construction industry in an area of town not known for its sleek new businesses. Located at 1131 East 25th Street, this new building is a far cry from the small converted house that used to cater to the steel industry from a gated yard. Steel House is now a contemporary 10,000 square foot warehouse and retail showroom that attracts do-it-yourself homeowners as well as construction contractors and industrial trade business.

Steel House is a fascinating place to browse. Offering one-stop shopping for ornamental and decorative metal such as metal fence pickets, balusters, scrollwork, finials, grates, ornamental iron, gates, and balconies. The do-it-yourself homeowner will also find everything needed to complete his or her home improvement project, from metal saws to sanders, leather gloves, concrete mix, and metal primer paints. Construction trade and mechanical contractors are equally at home at Steel House as it stocks just about everything metal you can think of, in just about every size. That means 60 foot steel beams and 8' x 12' steel plates, as well as one-inch decorative spear points for fence posts.  Steel, aluminum, and stainless are all available in rounds, flats, angles, sheet, etc.  They also have pipe bollards, rebar, structural tubing, floor plate and can shear or saw cut your metal.  They are known in the industry for having orders ready within 9 minutes of your phone order.
"I love to see average folks coming in to buy decorative balcony fixtures next to seasoned contractors looking for angles and tubing," says owner Reid Litwack. "We've always offered steel and metals to the construction trade, I thought, why not offer it to the do-it-yourselfer too?"

Steel House, located at 1131 East 25th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, is a new-concept metals retail store and warehouse for do-it-yourself homeowners, contractors, businesses and the construction industry. Steel House stocks thousands of structural and ornamental cast iron, steel and metal items for construction and decorative purposes. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.  (317) 924-4210.  Located on 25th Street on the Monon Trail between College & Keystone.

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